Backpack Bonus Bag Program

Backpack Bonus Bag Program

About the BackPack Bonus Bag Program
As part of our community service focus (“Fill the Need” Initiative, providing basic needs to low-income children in our service area), JLOSH launched a program called the BackPack Bonus Bag Program. Through this program, we have teamed up with the Community FoodBank of NJ to provide a supplement bag that will be distributed along with the FoodBank’s weekend meal bags. These bags are targeted to the neediest school children in our community. Our Bonus Bags will provide students in low-income communities with other basic necessities that many of us take for granted!

For more information on our BackPack Bonus Bag Program or to find out how to contribute in the upcoming months, please contact or call 973.379.9655.

WISH LIST for the BackPack Bonus Bag Program
Note: Please provide gender-neutral and age-neutral products if possible since our program services boys and girls from age 4 thru 17! Our goal is to attain quantities of 750-1000 in order to service more school kids in Essex County!

Kid-Friendly Toiletries:
Lip Balm
Body Wash
Hand sanitizer

Dental Supplies:
Gender-neutral toothbrushes
Kid-friendly toothpaste
Dental Floss
Kid-friendly mouth wash
Other dental information or supplies

School Supplies:
Pencil sharpeners
Any other school supplies!

Winter Supplies:
Gender-neutral winter gloves/mittens
Gender-neutral scarves & hats

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